Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Darien Lake Announces SplashTown for 2010

Darien Lake Resort has made a major announcement today by revealing SplashTown Water Park at Darien Lake, an all new separate gate facility next to the theme park.

SplashTown will utilize the existing water park, while adding "three all-new attractions, an additional 5 acres of completely new park space, a new bathhouse, new food and beverage options, new landscaping, more deck and lounging space, and new cabanas."

The existing park shown with the expansion

A new lazy river attraction, Flotation Station, will take guests down a 16 ft. wide river that stretches over 1,000 ft. long. Along the path will be several water features that riders, in one or two people tubes, will encounter.

The Lazy Days Lagoon will also take up residence at the new park. The 44,500 gallon wave pool features rolling waves and an expansive deck space for guests to enjoy. The entrance to the lazy river is also built into the area.

The four slides that make up Swirl City

The thrill aspect to the new water park can be found in the Swirl City slide complex. Four separate slides leave from the same tower, offering a variety of experiences. Mister Twister is a Tantrum slide, featuring three funnels along the path. Cannon Ball Run sends riders into a massive cannon bowl for a spinning good time. Finally, two Turbo Twins slides snake their way through the complex in the dark.

The new attractions will be provided by Aquatic Development Group and Proslide.

In addition the new water park, the resort will expand their offerings as well. Lodge on the Lake Hotel will add 10 "Forts-O-Fun" backwoods themed rooms to their offerings. The camping area will build two dozen new Brown Bear Cabins - designed to look rustic but filled with modern amenities.

Combo tickets for both parks are available, as well as separate admission just for SplashTown. Darien Lake opens on May 8th, SplashTown is scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend.