Monday, March 22, 2010

Aerial Antics: Waldameer Park

If you've been reading NPN for a while now, you probably remember last summer when Sabrina and I visited this week's Aerial Antics park, Waldameer. Bing was able to offer the nice shot above of the entire park, slightly more zoomed out than they usually offer.

The oldest coaster operating at Waldameer is the Comet, which opened back in 1951. Designed by Herbert Schmeck and built by PTC, the coaster is great for families and offers a medium-sized thrill.

The far end of the park contains several newer attractions. The Thunder River log flume has two great drops and a mist filled tunnel with a lightning storm in it! Up top we see the Steel Dragon spinning roller coaster, added in 2004. On the right side of the photo is the park's free fall tower, aptly named X-Scream.

The king of the park would have to be Ravine Flyer II, a wonderful Gravity Group designed wooden coaster. The ride crosses Peninsula Drive during its course when it heads through that blue tunnel.

And here's another shot of the ride. The first drop heads down a large hill which allows the coaster to pick up a ton of speed. From there, it just doesn't let up.

To see Bing's aerials of Waldameer, click here.