Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sky Rocket Update

With the long snowy winter behind us, Kennywood has fired up the construction pace of Sky Rocket, the park's new coaster for the 2010 season.

KPConnection currently has an update of the track and supports that are at the park for the ride. The blue track is going to look great on top of those gray supports! While there isn't a gallery of it quite yet, vertical construction of the ride has started so I'm sure those photos will be available soon.

With rather few big coasters going up this off-season it's great to just get to start to watch the construction of another ride now. Others, like the Intimidators, finished vertical construction so long ago already it seems!


dwitos079 said...

I was there on Sunday and they didn't even have any of the footers poured. No vertical construction. I had fun trying to lift the track though haha. I have pictures.