Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maybe It Should Have Been Named Intimidator

And now for something completely random.

I came across this image on Rocky Mountain Construction's website when reading about the Texas Giant track... it's of T Express at Everland in South Korea. I've seen photos of this ride before, read reviews, and know how highly regarded it is.

But I have to say. There are few rides I look at and feel intimidated by. And this is one of them. The insanely steep drop. The massively banked turns. The throw you out of your seat airtime hills. It's almost... too much!

But then again not really. I'm sure I'd line up to ride just as quickly as any coaster fan... but wow. That's one intense looking coaster.


juxtyger said...


L O V E!
one of the most amazing ride I have ever been on. It is a whole new experience on each row and seat.

Can't wait to go on it again

Anonymous said...

You need to get on El Toro.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I think that having ridden El Toro is actually what makes this ride so intimidating!

juxtyger said...

There are some sad news about Eagle Fortress being removed.

The ride is off their attraction list and map. It was chosen as one of the top steel coasters.

Any updates?