Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Schlitterbahn iPhone App

Love the Schlitterbahn group of water parks? Love having cool iPhone apps that deal with the amusement industry? Then this is a marriage made in heaven for you!

Schlitterbahn Water Parks has created a new iPhone app that allows people to gain tons of information, maps, and more about their parks at the touch of their fingers. And for people like me who live quite far from a Schlitterbahn park, it's just plan fun to play around with!

The app also allows visitors to the parks to use "Friend Finder" so that you can see their location at any time. Even more, you can keep up to date with Schlitterbahn's Tweets and Facebook updates as well. It's all things Schlitterbahn in one place!

As an avid, even obsessive, iPhone user myself, I can't wait for more parks (cough Six Flags cough) to make apps!