Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Magic Springs Announces Boogie Blast For 2010

Magic Springs, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has announced the addition of Boogie Blast, a new surfing simulation ride, that will debut at the park this summer.

"Boogie Blast was created by surfers and designed to simulate the type of experience loved by fans of skateboarding, body boarding, wakeboarding, skim boarding, and snowboarding."

Boogie Blast uses a three inch sheet of water that is propelled over the ride's surface to create a perfect surfing wave. The speed of the water and size of the wave created is adjustable to allow for riders of different skill sets to enjoy themselves.

For added capacity, Magic Springs will actually be adding two of the surfing simulators inside their Crystal Falls water park.

As previously announced, the park will also debut live shows for the first time this summer, welcoming Bob the Builder in his own production, as well as a music adventure named Swingin' Safari.

Magic Springs opens for the 2010 season on April 10th, Crystal Falls will open on May 15th.