Thursday, March 18, 2010

Son of Beast Rides Again: Yes, No, Maybe?

No one knows for sure whether or not Son of Beast at Kings Island will reopen this year, and depending on which news source you read it can be even more confusing.

Some articles seem to imply that it's not known when the ride will reopen, while others actually state that it will later this year. Other, though newer, ones are saying it won't open in 2010 at all.

It seems like at this point the park would rather have a dramatic fix for the ride take place (maybe like Texas Giant) instead of trying to put more patches on it. Ya know, something that would make it worth the dollars spent in the long run.

I braved the ride last Spring and like most concur that something has to happen with Son of Beast. But which is more appropriate - spending millions on fixing it or spending millions on removing it?


Ryan said...

You should pay attention to King's Island's Facebook page. They do a feature called "5@5" that has the answer. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound hopefull for reopening.