Friday, March 26, 2010

Scott And Carol Present - Carowinds' Intimidator

Despite a massive rock slide that has closed I-40 for several months we made it to Carowinds!

This is the reason we came!

B & M goodness with a NASCAR flavor combines for one great attraction.

The park development crew worked very hard to incorporate appropriate theming in the heart of NASCAR country.

Karin Moss, director of the Earnhardt Foundation thanked the park for raising $10,200.00 with a first rider auction. Kerry Earnhardt admitted "that while it was a great ride, it's still not as good as a ride in a NASCAR two-seater." Jeff Steiner, head of DEI, thanked the park for their interest in supporting Dale Earnhardt's legacy.

Carowinds told everyone to "let them eat cake!" And. everyone was able to have their cake and ride it too!

The trains are modeled after Dale Earnhardt's famous #3 stockcar.

You go up very fast!

And... down even faster, 80 MPH at a 74 degree angle.

The Sky tower provides a nice backdrop with the train going by.

While it looks like the turn around has you going through the trees.

Really... you're not.

This is the finale of the coaster, after the mid-course brake from the Sky tower. Sometimes the Sky tower adds to the background and sometimes it provides the photo opportunity.

Here's a head on view of the finale and with we take the checkered flag at Carowinds, and attempt to navigate our way back around the rock slide. Thanks to all the fine folks at Carowindsfor the warm, southern hospitality!