Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Impressive New Star Flyer at The Prater

I have to admit that stared at these photos for a few moments before my brain caught up with my eyes - that ride is tall, really tall!

The Prater, located in Vienna, Austria, is home to a new Star Flyer ride from the Funtime Group. When completed, the ride will stand 360 ft. tall. While not installed quiet yet, the top piece will be themed as a clock. Riders will swing at the 311 ft. level, at over 40 m.p.h. Bet your local playground swings didn't offer that!

Interestingly, I believe Prater was the debut location of the Star Flyer back in 2004. That tower was only just over 200 ft. tall though. Tiny compared to this!

I believe some modifications are being made to the original Star Flyer to differentiate the two. Not sure exactly what, though.

For more information on the Star Flyer rides, check out Funtime's site.