Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worlds of Fun Announces Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights

Worlds of Fun has announced a new nighttime entertainment offering for the park's 2010 season: Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights.

The $1 million investment will feature some 2 million LED lights strung up over large parts of the Africa and Europa sections of the park. Guests will stroll through the canopy of lights and see inflatable Peanuts characters, along with live entertainers and plenty of themed music.

Similar in concept to the experience found at sister park Cedar Point, the display will be separated into five sections, all with a theme unique to the park. All sections will be some variant of summer-time fun, as baseball, catching fireflies, and roasting marshmallows are among the activities included.

Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights is being designed by RWS and Associates, and will officially debut on July 4th. The park opens for the year on April 17th.