Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tokyo DisneySea Adding Fantasmic! in 2011

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort seems to really mean business when it comes to adding new rides and attractions over the next few years. They've already announced that Tokyo Disneyland is adding a Cinderella Castle walk through for 2011, along with Philharmagic for the same year. DisneySea also announced Turtle Talk with Crush, which recently opened, and Toy Story Mania for 2012.

And this is coming off of adding the Tower of Terror and the Monsters Inc ride in recent years!

But for the latest announcement, - Fantasmic! will be coming to DisneySea starting April 2011 to help celebrate the park's 10th anniversary. The latest version of the show looks to be slightly different than the shows at Disneyland and Disney World - this one almost looks like a combination of the World of Color technology with the traditional Fantasmic! story line.

The show will feature content from Cinderella and Finding Nemo, neither of which are in the U.S. versions. The attraction represent a $30 million investment.