Sunday, February 14, 2010

Waldameer Goes Cashless

Cash is so 2009. What's in right now are Wally Points - well at least if you're thinking about heading to Waldameer park this coming summer. The park is introducing a new cashless system that will allow guests to purchase Wally Cards, which will be preloaded with funds that can throughout the park.

There is not only a benefit to the patron, who no longer has to buy individual tickets (though all day bands are still available), but the park will also see many operational benefits and savings from the system.

And no need to worry, general admission to the property and parking will remain free.

As we hinted back in September, the park didn't have the greatest season this past year, mostly because of the economy and weather. Waldameer saw a 12 percent drop in attendance during the 2009 season. As expected, they've delayed the long planned Flying Carousel ride until 2011.

The ride will cost some $800,000, but the entire expansion will come in closer to $1.5 million. The park is also promising another thrill ride within three years! Great to see the park continuing it's expansion plans.