Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Blast From The Past - The Gravity Group

While we're not going to far back in time, we are showcasing a very important event in the recent history of wooden roller coasters. In 2004, construction began on an interesting woodie located at Mt Olympus in the Wisconsin Dells. Hades was the first coaster built that was designed by a group of guys from Cincinnati under their new moniker, The Gravity Group!

With five coasters (and counting) in their arsenal and a new state of the art coaster car ready to roll this year, The Gravity Group has already achieved significant firsts. They were the first design team to use ninety degrees turns and two way tunnels on their layouts

The 2004 Gravity Group IAAPA postcard gave a sneak peek of Hades construction along with a catchy slogan

And, they were also giving away coasters!

In 2005 TGG postcard showed off the finished, awarding product. Winning the Golden Ticket for the best new ride of 2005, Hades continues the creative use of tunnels at Mt Olympus.

The next year at IAAPA, Hades had to share the limelight with The Gravity Groups 2006 creation. Raising up out of the hills of Southern Indiana, Voyage had coaster lovers making a pilgrimage to the new Thanksgiving section at Holiday World.

Both coasters lay claim to world records and demonstrate the companies willingness to push the limits of wooden coaster design.

With rides like Hades, Voyage, Ravine Flyer II, Boardwalk Bullet, Fireball and the recently announced Quassy coaster the future of wild wooden coasters and the Gravity Group looks very bright.