Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Zierer 1995

To me, Zierer is known for mostly for two types of rides - Wave Swingers of various sizes and their line of Tivoli family roller coasters. As this ad points out, Zierer is quite proud of the "fabulous" selection of family coasters they offer.

From a small oval shaped ride to a large, custom layout, Zierer has done them all. Knott's Berry Farm's Jaguar!, a custom Tivoli ride, is featured front and center on this ad. The double figure eight style rides (Blackbeard's at Great Adventure) are also immensely popular.

The company has also never been shy to taking on custom theming orders... the unique front car designs in this ad exemplify that. That one photo of the coaster where the train is a bee is sorta creepy, though!


linearinduction said...

I would say Wicked would be the Ultimate Custom Coaster from Zierer. ;)