Monday, February 8, 2010

Aerial Antics: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

The choice for this week's Aerial Antics was both timely and easy: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

Some would say Kentucky Kingdom was the black sheep of the Six Flags chain, though unkind words are pretty unnecessary now that the park's final fate has been handed down. Why pour salt on the park's wounds? Instead let's look at some of the rides and attractions that millions of guests enjoyed during the park's 23 seasons.

Here's both the park's entrance area, and a ride that had already been removed prior to the announced closing. Hellevator, later named Superman: Tower of Power was removed from the park after an accident on the ride in 2007.

A selection of the park's rides can be seen in this shot, as well as the road that oddly bisected the park. The wild mouse coaster was named Road Runner Express, and was added to the park in the year 2000.

Greezed Lightnin', a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop, was formerly located at both Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Great America. Here's hoping that this ride is saved and reopens at another park.

Thunder Run, a 1990 Curtis Summers design, is fairly similar to the layout of the Hurler rides at two of the former Paramount parks. Not a clone by any means, but quite similar.

Twisted Twins, once upon a time known as Twisted Sisters, actually hadn't operated since sometime in 2007. The ride opened in 1998 and was designed by Custom Coasters International. Made up of two separate tracks that duel several times through the ride, one side was known as Lola and the other Stella.

Though I've never been to the park, probably one of the biggest losses is the excellently themed Blizzard River rapids ride. I mean, just look at it! Sadly, there are no where near enough photos of this ride online.

T^2 was one of the prototype Vekoma SLC coasters. At some point it was painted from it's bright red scheme to black, rumored to be in anticipation of a retheme to Batman that never happened. In the photo above it looks to have faded to a nice shade of gray. Sadly, "Terror to the second power" was known as one of the roughest SLC's around.

Kentucky Kingdom's water park, known as Splash Water Kingdom was arguably the most popular aspect of the property to the general public. Slated to be expanded greatly in 2011, turning into Bonzai Beach, it now looks as though we'll never see what additions were planned for the area.

One last shot of the mighty Chang, a coaster that sported three separate color schemes during it's 13 seasons at Kentucky Kingdom. I take a lot of flack for it, but I loved the first bright yellow paint job the ride had when it opened. If only Cedar Fair could make yellow look that good!

To take a trip down memory lane for yourself, see Bing's aerials here.