Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekly Rewind 2.6.10

Resorts World Sentosa has posted a great new photo album on Facebook which showcases the brand new Universal Studios Singapore theme park. An official opening date has yet to be announced, but the park certainly looks ready to go!

While you're on Facebook, you might want to check out Six Flags Great America's page as well. They've posted a batch of fun winter photos, including some shots of the Little Dipper trains which are now on site.

As it struggles to negotiate funding streams from new investors, Freestyle Music Park has announced that it will close its business offices and lay off its current staff until a deal has been reached. While General Manager Steve Baker remains confident that this will happen soon, I think we can all predict the outcome if it doesn't.

Like sister park Carowinds, Kings Dominion has announced that it will be auctioning off the first rides on its towering Intimidator 305 coaster, which is scheduled to open on April 2. You can place your bid online through March 25. Proceeds will benefit the Dale Earnhardt Foundation, the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Greater Virginia, Challenge Discovery Projects Inc. (Richmond), and the USO of Hampton Roads.

Speaking of Carowinds, the Intimidator of the Carolinas successfully completed its first test run this week. Watch it for yourself in the video embedded above! (Warning: May cause drooling.)

Cedar Point's Shoot the Rapids isn't quite ready for a test run yet, but construction has officially gone vertical. You can check out the progress in the park's latest construction photo album.

The trains which will run on the world's first "psychoaster" have been revealed on the official TH13TEEN blog. If you're psycho enough to subject yourself to "psychometric testing", an "interrogation interview", "rollercoaster endurance", and "midnight bootcamp", you could be one of the first people to sit in them. Visit the TH13TEEN web site for more information on how to apply.

The closure of Kentucky Kingdom is sure to drive would-be visitors to other parks in the region, including Holiday World and Beech Bend. Perhaps in an effort to better compete with its northern neighbor, Beech Bend has begun advertising that it, too, will offer free unlimited soft drinks starting this year.

Just when you thought you had ridden a roller coaster in every possible position, Vekoma is asking you to kneel. Well, sort of anyway. Among other innovations, their newest concept in coaster design is a family flyer called the "Dragon Fly", which you ride in a kneeling position. (The phrase "have mercy" comes to mind.)

Following on the heels of a successful campaign to retain their Cobra roller coaster, Paulton's Park is now seeking permission to retain their Disk'O, The Edge, as well. The park's troubles began back in August, when it was discovered that both rides had been built without the required planning permission.

Back in December, Enchanted Forest's Facebook page revealed that a "top secret" project was taking place in Western Town. This week, they hinted that the project involves the resurrection of a former park attraction. The only thing that's clear at this point is that it isn't a ride!

If you're a frequent visitor to Kings Island and don't feel like paying an additional 3% admission tax and 5% parking tax, the park encourages you to voice your opinion at the Mason City Council meeting on Monday, February 8. In case you need an additional incentive, Kings Island will be sponsoring a Tax Vote Tailgate Party, complete with complimentary food and soft drinks, in the park's International Restaurant prior to the meeting. Who said politics can't be fun?