Thursday, February 4, 2010

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Thrills No More

Six Flags just announced that effectively immediately, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom will operate no more. The park will be closed - permanently.

Seems the operator was trying to renegotiate the lease they have with the Kentucky State Fair Board to lower their rent amount (which is being classified as too high for the park to be consistently profitable) but they would not budge. Six Flags has rejected the lease with them and closed the park.

Their statement says that they will move the rides and attractions from the park to other properties. They don't know what ones or where yet, as they were hoping to keep the park open going forward.

It seems very decisive, but I have to wonder if perhaps this is a very, very hard ball way to get the lease terms they want? Maybe, maybe not. Shocking news, either way.


Ryan said...

I'll call it:

Roller Skater to St. Louis

Road Runner Express (Wild Mouse) to SF America

T2 to Great Escape (to make up for the missed opportunity last time around)

Breakdance, Giant Wheel, Flying Dutchman, Carousel, Mile High Falls, Zeppin, the pirate ship, and most of the kiddie rides will find new homes.

Everything else will be scrapped.

Kyle said...

To be honest with you, I'm not surprised. SFKK was leading to its death 2009 season and the 2008 season. When I heard of Chang and Twisted Twins, I immediately thought "Buh-bye SFKK." But I was expecting it to happen in a few years, not now.