Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekly Rewind 2.20.10

Magic Springs has announced that live shows will be a part of the park's 2010 season for the first time. The expanded live entertainment offering will include a show named "Bob the Builder - Live at Magic Springs." Anyone interested in auditioning may get those details here.

The L.A. Times' Funland Blog has concluded their poll of the top U.S. wooden and steel coasters. After tons of votes, and some fun campaigning by the parks, you can see the results here.

Adding to the list of amusement and theme parks that have Google Street Views available is Hershey Park. You can take a spin around the park and see all that makes up this chocolate lover's paradise here.

Wild Adventures has finally announced the names of the new rides at the park this year, and has used local High School mascots as inspiration. The family coaster will be named the Viking Voyage, the scrambler is the Whirling Wildcats, and the flyer ride Falcon Flyers. They've also planted over 400 trees and removed 350 tons of concrete to make the park greener, and added a large interactive water fountain.

The more I see of these themed splash battle type rides, the more I want one at a park closer to me. They look like fun, and if done well they really add character to a park. Silver Dollar City's Splash Battle was recently filled up, and with its theming and paint applied is really starting to shine. I must make a pilgrimage to that neck of the woods - sooner than later!

Spring can't be that far off when new park maps start popping up on the net. Recently California's Great America and Kings Dominion added their 2010 additions for our eyes. Looks like CGA (and rumor says other Cedar Fair parks, too) will have a Rock Band Live show this year.

The large water park expansion at Nashville Shores is well underway, as seen in this news video. The new attractions will consist of a large lazy river and wave pool. Crews have been dealing with this wintry weather even in Nashville, but plans are still for the rides to be ready for this summer.

S&S Worldwide Inc has announced plans for a third installment of their 4-D coaster, this time to Dinosaur Park in China. While no layout or exact plans were revealed, the ride is said to stand 250 ft. tall, and hit speeds of 80 m.p.h. It is scheduled to open in 2011.