Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great Coasters International Announces Huge New Coaster

That little guessing game that Great Coasters International had going on their Intern and Facebook sites has turned out to be a real coaster design, after all!

They announced today that they will be building a massive wooden coaster for China OTC's Knight Valley theme park. The ride will be Great Coasters largest single track ride to date, featuring an impressive 147 ft. lift hill followed by this crazy triple down 131 ft. first drop:

Stretching 4,817 ft long and hitting just shy of 62 m.p.h., the ride will feature a pass through a castle structure (the box on the hill, I presume), a station fly by, 80 degree banking, and two Millennium Flyer trains. After a quick check on rcdb.com, it looks like this ride will be the 10th longest operating wooden coaster in the world when it opens.

The as of now unnamed ride is set to open in late 2010. Knight Valley theme park is part of OTC East, a large resort development featuring theme parks, resorts, and more entertainment. More information here.