Friday, February 5, 2010

Demon Drop At Dorney Update 2.5.10

Dorney Park graciously hosted their off season tour today, which allowed us to get a great update of how work on Demon Drop is going.

The park has the ride vehicles up near their maintenance buildings where some are currently being worked on, while others (seen here) are patiently waiting for their turn.

Out in the parking lot we were finally able to get an up close view of all those ride parts I've been snapping shots of. Here we see many of the staircases that run up the side of the tower.

And these are pieces that have already been stress tested, sanded, and repainted. Thus, we can gather that this is the final paint color for the ride. It's very, very similar to the color of the supports on Voodoo.

Here is the sign that was on the top of the tower at Cedar Point with the ride's name on it. While the moniker Demon Drop will be staying, I think we may see a new logo for the ride.

Inside the park, activity on the ride's location is now taking place. Over the last few days the Krazy Kars building was torn down to make some room for Demon Drop.

The building was quickly turned into a pile of rubble which we watching being scooped up and put on a truck to be shipped away to the dump, I suppose.

As for the placement of the ride, the tower portion will be back here - in between the entrance to the go karts (on the left of this photo) and the splash pool of the log flume, which is just to the right of the view above.

The run out will then travel directly over this area, as you can see this planter is slowly being removed. It will then use some of the former space from the Krazy Kars. The layout of the entrance and queue for the ride isn't known yet.

We have a full gallery up of off season photos of the park on our Facebook page - speaking of which if you aren't a fan yet, why not take a minute and become one?