Monday, February 22, 2010

Battle For Kentucky Kingdom's Rides Begins

Kentucky Fair officials have filed a lawsuit against Six Flags in order to keep them from taking rides from the property, and Six Flags has filed a law suit against the Fair Board saying the rides are theirs and they can take what they want.

I guess we all should have seen this one coming, but with the first mediation in the suit scheduled for April 14th, don't look for much to be taken from the park any time too soon. It's a shame that the park closed, and it's going to be an even bigger shame for it to sit empty a long time while everyone sues everyone else!


Unknown said...

Six Flags is currently allowed to only remove their copyright/trademarked property (i.e. Looney tunes themeing, DC Comics themeing)

They did this very illegally. They can be put in court also for negligence. They removed and closed a lot of big rides but only built 2-3 major rides.

Anonymous said...

Austin, how is that so? If Six Flags payed for the ride don't they own it. Yes the ride may be sitting on leased land, but that doesn't mean the land lord gets to own the ride someone else paid for. Just like in malls the business owns all the content except the walls and doors.

Another thing to consider is that Six Flags owns some of the land at Kentucky Kingdom. did some digging found KKI LLC that owns the land under Chang, T2, Blizzard River rapids, and parts of Twisted Twins.

I hope this gets sorted out quickly, and I hope Six Flags gets the upper hand in this.