Friday, February 26, 2010

Excitement Builds at Six Flags Great America

The Lake County News-Sun ran a nice article on Six Flags Great America's plan to rebuild the classic Little Dipper roller coaster today. The coaster was built in 1949 at Kiddieland park, and was purchased by Six Flags after Kiddieland closed forever last year.

The location of the Little Dipper was previously known, but it will take up the space formerly occupied by some climbing structures in the park's Bugs Bunny National Park section:

The article also narrows down the time frame for the ride's opening - the park is hoping to be able to unveil the ride in mid-May. With the purchase of the ride so late in last year, and this horrible winter - that's making some pretty good time.

Between the Little Dipper being added, the new Glow in the Park Parade, and the just announced Magiquest attraction, this looks to be a pretty great year for the park!