Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Bakken 2008

The rest of the world may be focused on international sporting events right now, but I'm going to focus on an international park. (Truth be told, I'm focused on the Olympics as well. Obsessed even. Perhaps bordering on addiction. But I digress.) Off to Denmark we go!

Bakken has the distinction of being the oldest amusement park in the world. According to the park's web site, this park is approximately 425 years young. Here's hoping they never hold a birthday celebration that involves candles. No need to reenact the fires that plagued parks back in the olden days!

Pictured on the left is one of the many rides that make Bakken so unique: Rutschebanen. One of the few remaining Scenic Railways in the world, this side friction coaster still features a brakeman. (He's seated at the back of the train.) But you need look no further than the right panel to realize that Bakken does not limit itself to old school thrills.

As this (mercifully) trilingual brochure points out, Bakken features more than 100 attractions. At first I thought that something got lost in translation with the "gambling machine" verbiage...

...but apparently I was wrong! But forget about gambling. Why would you want to waste time doing that when you could be shooting a bow or firing a slingshot? (I can pretty much guarantee that those types of games will not be coming to a U.S. park near you. EVER.)

Admission to Bakken is still free (yet another hallmark of its vintage status), but you can purchase a wristband which will grant you access to its entire collection of rides.

Bakken's uniqueness doesn't end with its age. The park is surrounded by a forest where deer roam free--certainly not something you see at your garden variety chain park. I'd say their food and beverage options look a bit more sophisticated than those found at your garden variety chain park as well!

As you know, I never pass on an opportunity to have my picture taken with a park mascot. Looks like I'd have five different options at Bakken, although I must admit that this crew scares me a bit. (Is it just me, or does the character on the left bear a striking resemblance to "Happy, The Don't Do Stuff That Might Irritate Your Inner Ear Badger" from South Park?) Perhaps I should stick with the cabaret singers.

Here we have the sole piece of information on which I based my "2008" guess for this brochure's year. I know it's from the late '00s, and this operating schedule seems to jibe with how the dates fell during that year. Next time I pick up a brochure from this charming Scandinavian park, I hope it's in person!


Ryan said...

It's cool, I had two tv's going, watching two events at the same time for the whole thing. I love the Olympics too much.