Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Lagoon 1992

This week it is my pleasure to share one of my absolute favorite brochures with you. It's the type of brochure that you save for a rainy day, or in this case, for when you're having a ridiculously crazy week and you've reached the point where all you want to do is stare aimlessly at colorful shapes and let your eyes roll back into your head.

There's only one Lagoon, there's only one Lagoon brochure in my collection, and there's only one brochure of any kind in my collection that shapeshifts like this one. That is why I love it so! This brochure gives "thinking outside the box" a whole new meaning.

It's worth noting that the Lagoon of 2009 stakes claim to the last Schwarzkopf Double Looping model in the States, following the 2008 removal of that other one right down the street from me [sniffle sniffle]. In 1992, Colossus the Fire Dragon (or simply "Fire Dragon", as it's called a few pages later) shared the brochure cover spotlight with a family that obviously spent way too much time watching the Brady Bunch. Say CHEESE!

Let the shapeshifting begin! That's right, all those crazy graphics at the top of the brochure cover are actually layers, and each one has a different shape. I'm not sure whether they were intended to represent Lagoon's skyline or whether they're just random, but they certainly give this brochure a unique flavor and I wish a computer screen could do them justice.

Above we see Lagoon's take on the ever omnipresent Old West theme, as well as more Fire Dragon love. But I wonder if you caught this one: "For over a century, Lagoon has..." Over a century? But I thought that honor was reserved for Coney Island and the amusement piers of California and some children's park in PA that has a huge Jack-in-the-Box in its backyard! No, my friends. This park has been around since 1886, or 1896 if you only count its present form. Either way, it's vintage.

Lagoon's main amusement area is aptly called the "Midway". This brochure tells me that the park is home to "Utah's only giant wooden rollercoaster", but where the heck is the photo? What if I call their bluff?! Okay, I know better. Lagoon really does have a woodie. It's a Miller, and it's called Roller Coaster. (What else would you call a roller coaster located along the Midway?) But I still maintain that there should be a photo! Colorful shapes, people. Colorful shapes...

If the family on the cover spent too much time watching the Brady Bunch, these folks spent too much time watching music videos from the '80s. I bet they wore their sunglasses to Club Wet, too!

In 1992, Lagoon debuted a new show featuring the International High Divers. Watching grown men and women hurl themselves into an impossibly tiny body of water is always a treat! (I'm actually not being sarcastic for a change. I really do enjoy those types of shows, even if they scare the bejesus out of me.) For the non-divers in the crowd, there's always Lagoon A Beach water park. (They obviously put a bit more thought into that particular name.)

Wait, wha... WHERE DID ALL MY COLORFUL SHAPES GO??! I'm fading fast. I better wrap this up. As I noted in the beginning, this is the only Lagoon brochure I own [sniffle sniffle reprise]. But I'm going to have to find a way to rectify that situation, because I'm dying to know what the rest of them look like!


Ryan said...

I'm pretty sure Mindbender and Shockwave have two loops. Colossus is the last portable double looper left.

That reminds me, I need to make the trip down to the Mexican parks...

Sabrina said...

Right you are! I should have been more specific. I was thinking of the Schwarzkopf model that's actually called "Double Looping" or "Doppel Looping", of which Colossus is the only example left in the U.S. Of course if we want to get *really* specific, Colossus is a Double Looping model "with an additional trackway curve". (There is way too much information on the internet!!) In any event, I'll change the wording to make that more clear.

BM said...

Looks very VERY similar to one I have from around 1995. Pretty much the only difference was the pictures from the "New for '92" page were replaced.

Unfortunately, this was about as creative as Lagoon has been with their brochures. They haven't been anything special since then.

Sabrina said...

Bummer! Well there's always hope for the future, right?

Unknown said...

I Remember this brochure nice I used to have a big cartton drawn map of laggon back from the 90's I im killing my self for it I wish I knew where it was.