Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lakeside Cyclone Reopens

The Cyclone, a wonderful old Eddie Vettel designed wooden roller coaster, has reopened at Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park.

The ride was closed in June for repairs in anticipation of it's 70th anniversary next year. It opened in 1940 and is said to hit 55 m.p.h. after the 89 ft. first drop. There's only three operating weekends left in the park's 2009 season, but better late than never.

The park replaced several parts and a lot of lumber, but the project took longer than they anticipated. The Cyclone is the only Ed Vettel coaster still operating today (Hopefully Conneaut's Blue Streak reopens next year) so it's wonderful that they took on the project to keep the coaster open!