Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cedar Point 2010: Shoot The Rapids

We all know my love of Log Flumes, and while Cedar Point's 2010 addition is by no means a typical flume ride, it's close enough to get my seal of approval!

Shoot The Rapids is a $10.5 million Intamin water ride that's like a next generation flume ride, using a traditional style coaster track for the lift and modern individual style seating in the cars. The ride will straddle the river that Paddlewheel Excursions utilizes, crossing over it twice with it's 85 and 49 foot drops.

The theme of the ride will play into the hints that the park gave out before the announcement, with riders experiencing a boarding station in the Crystal Rock Bottling Company, a trip past an illegal moonshine still, and some feuding and fighting between the locals.

The ride's boats look like the ones used on Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World, which means they'll have individual seats for 10 and a lap bar that comes down from above. I'm really liking the ride's setting along the park's river and the use of the island that Millennium Force goes onto as well! The ride's name is also a throwback to an older flume ride that existed at the park from 1968 to 1981, also in the Frontier section of the park.

For more photos, and an animation, check out Cedar Point's website.