Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Lakemont Park 2008

This week's adventure in brochureland takes us to a traditional Pennsylvania park which didn't quite make it into our August trip itinerary. It's a real shame that we missed Lakemont Park this summer, but at least we can live vicariously through all the smiling faces in this brochure!

Lakemont Park may be "old fashioned", but fun never goes out of style and neither do its classic rides. One such ride is the Skyliner, a John Allen creation which originally operated at the now defunct Roseland Park in New York. Don't let this coaster's stats fool you. What it lacks in height and speed, it makes up for with a great ride experience. Perhaps it was the Skyliner that inspired the catch phrase on the cover of this brochure!

In light of Lakemont's incredibly affordable pricing structure, you'd think there would be no need for additional incentives. But they offer 'em anyway! "Dollar Day" Wednesdays have become an institution at this park, although nowadays they are technically Three Dollar Days. Nevertheless, that's a steal for an All Day Ride & Slide pass! Earlier this year, General Manager Barry Kumpf told us in an interview that this promotion continues to be wildly popular among park guests. In 2008 the park also launched Free Soda Fridays, which entitles guests to free unlimited soft drinks every Friday.

As time goes on, more and more parks are realizing the value of hosting seasonal events and Lakemont Park is no exception. The park now hosts an annual fall festival as well as an elaborate drive-through holiday lights display which runs throughout the Christmas season.

Wow, you guys sure do look funny with your heads all tilted sideways trying to check out that map on the last page! [Just kidding. I have yet to perfect my patented technology for X-ray internet vision, but it's getting there. I'm just assuming you look funny. Really...]

That being said, neither superpowers nor state-of-the-art technology were required to identify my one major complaint about this brochure: Where, oh where is Leap-The-Dips?? I know the general public doesn't appreciate the world's oldest roller coaster nearly as much as we do. But to me, Leap-The-Dips is synonymous with Lakemont Park and deserves a rightful "brochure spotlight" of its own. I expect this situation to be rectified in all future brochures!