Friday, September 18, 2009

A Blast From The Past - It's A Decade For Dollywood's TN Tornado

Editor's Note:My apologies for those of you looking for The Blast yesterday. I was worn out from doing that novel of a story on the Beast. The Blast will return to it's regular day next week.

This blast doesn't go very far in the past, but it goes back to the last century. Not much has been said about the fact that the Tennessee Tornado at is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year and I wanted to remedy that oversight here and now.
The Tornado was Dollywood's 1st step into "Big" coasters and it was one of the last major Arrow coasters built. Opening in Craftsman's Valley on April 17th 1999, in the spot that was formerly occupied by Thunder Express, an Arrow mine train, it has some very unique elements, including a butterfly element (just for Dolly P.)

The butterfly element has wings averaging 44 ft tall & 70 feet wide and it's proper name is "Dolly's Iron Butterfly." It had been awhile since Arrow had built a big looper, so the track is a new design, Instead the old scaffolding style Arrow track we were all very familiar with the Tennessee Tornado uses tubular steel support beams.

The Tennessee Tornado has some rather impressive stats, at a cost of $8,000,000, the Tornado has two 7 car trains, holding 28 riders per train , with an hourly capacity of 1360 riders. There's 2682 feet of track, with a top speed of 63 mph the ride duration is 1:48. Maximum height is 163', with a 128'drop. There are a total of 3 inversions , including a 110 foot tall loop. G-Forces max out at approx. 3.7.

The Tennessee Tornado is a wonderful coaster and it's the coaster that put Dollywood on the enthusiasts map. Happy 10th Anniversary Tennessee Tornado!


James said...

That'd be the last decade (10 years), not century (100 years).

Carol said...

Thanks for your comment, but I never said we were going back a 100years. I said we were going back to the last century, meaning back to the 1900s. The Tornado was built in 1999 (which was during the last century.) So, we went back to the last century and the last decade.

I hope this cleared the confusion,