Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scott And Carol Present - 305 Intimidating Reasons To Visit Kings Dominion

If you arrive at Kings Dominion early enough, you have a fine view of the track before the attendants and cars show up and obscure the view.

The very cool logo for next years attraction...

This midway display sitting along International Street shows off
concept art, statistics and a the video simulation

The Sunshine storefront was redesigned to accommodate this huge model.
Let's call it window dressing!

Unfortunately this isn't accurate model train, the actual cars will be only two riders across, it's certainly fun to watch it zip around the track.

Since Intimidator 305 construction has just began it will be sometime before this idler pulley is ready to be installed.

Unlike others, Intamin hyper will feature square supports...

and round spines, a departure from previous designs.
The double spine allows farther spacing between supports.

But sometimes only one spine is required.

And, building a huge coaster takes a huge crain. And, building a huge crain takes a small crain.

Riders sitting on the left side of Ananconda will get an great view while climbing the lifthill

Even from the Eiffel Tower...that's a lot of track and there are a lot more sections to come!

The exit ramp for Anaconda is the closet you can get to the construction site. Notice how the it is one continuous foundation as opposed to individual footers.

This is the track going into the station, and probably a transfer track, too.

The park's bragging rights of having THE BEST roller coaster collection
on the entire East Coast will go one better in 2010 when coaster #14 opens!

Thanks to the friendly Public Relations department. See you next Spring!