Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost Island Water Park 2010

Lost Island Water Park, located in Waterloo, Iowa, recently announced that they will be adding a Proslide HydroMagnetic Rocket water slide for the 2010 season.

The ride will feature a conveyor lift so as to eliminate the need for stairs, and will stretch just shy of 1,000 ft. long. The ride will feature 4 person rafts that will navigate plenty of ups and downs, including a 30 ft. dive at a 45 degrees.

I honestly had never heard of Lost Island before reading this news, and I must say it looks like a very nice water park. It was a very modern selection of slides, somewhat appearing to be a real life Proslide ride catalogue!

The Water Slide Services blog will be following the construction of the new Rocket, and already has some photos up that you can see here.


aka: Captain Jax Macky said...

It is time to start getting excited about the new officialy named, Wailua Kapua waterslide. After months of preperation, the crane is here, and we are starting to erect the ride. Follow the progress on my blog :