Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily Spin 9.9.09

More information about Nickelodeon and Southern Star Amusement's plan to reopen Six Flags New Orleans has been leaking out recently. The developers recently had a press conference at which they answered the questions of the citizens of New Orleans about the project.

The video that's with this article has shots of the park's plans, but they're too small to make much out. Looks like Mega Zeph is still there, though, along with the Boomerang and splash boat ride. Hard to tell for sure, but I think a water park would be located on the same spot that Six Flags added the super heros themed area shortly before Katrina. I don't believe the park has any money yet from bond sales to start work, but they're touting a late 2010 opening.

Looks like it was a pretty rough year for the Columbus Zoo's Zoombezi Bay water and amusement park. Attendance at the park should come in at around 325,000 people, down from over 400,000 last year. Bad weather and the economy are, not surprisingly, to blame. Read more from the Columbus Dispatch.

Legoland California, on the other hand, has had a great year and has now filed plans to build a separate admission water park on their property. Details are quite slim, but it's expected to sit on 5.5 acres and open by next summer. The L.A. Times has more info.