Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Want It For My Backyard!

Bowcraft Playland is a very small amusement park located is Scotch Plains, New Jersey, not that far outside New York City. Back in 2006 the park added the Crossbow, a Zierer family roller coaster. You can see that ride in the image above.

The ride looks like a lot of fun! It's 1,200 ft. long and stands 50 ft. tall. For a very small amusement park, the Crossbow is a pretty great addition.

Only, it's for sale. For the past two months I've seen the add for the coaster in Amusement Today and wanted to post about it - it's all rather strange to me. The park's website still talks about the ride at length, and makes no mention of it being closed. Rides4U, the company who placed the for sale add, has a Zierer coaster listed on their website for a cool $1.7 million, and while there are no photos or much details, that's probably the Crossbow.

For any park that needs a nice family ride (BGW anyone?) this could be a steal! There must be more to the story if Bowcraft is already trying to sell it after 4 years, but what that is I just don't know. If anyone hears anything, let me know!


Nicholas Tucker said...

If I had a million dollars lying around I would buy it in a second!

Unknown said...

As a family who rides 300 and 400 foot coasters, my kids and I have loved Crossbow since it has opened.. Pretty fast, tight turns and very smooth ride.. A very unique Coaster that any of the bigger parks should certainly grab before it's gone