Monday, September 14, 2009

Dorney Park 2009 Haunt Update 9.13.09

With less than two weeks until the Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park begins, I figured I would take advantage of the beautiful weather and go snap some shots of the park getting everything set up.

Just so happens one of our readers, Ryan, also happened to do the same thing and was kind enough to send in some photos for the site as well. Thanks Ryan!

All You Fear is Here... well sorta but not really quite yet. It will be though! All the Cedar Fair parks are using this phantom guy in their promotional stuff for their Haunts... but I think he was inspired by the Steel Force guy.

The main entrance plaza has a totally new set-up for 2009! This year it looks like the circus has come to town. I love that the park puts so much energy into an area that's not even an official attraction!

© 2009 Ryan Wirth

There are cages here where parents can place their children when they are bad. No I made that up, but these two monkeys are in there!

And there's a clown doing some sort of Nik Wallenda upside down highwire bicycle act type of thing, too.

... and he's scary looking.

CornStalkers is back again this year, but due to it's location it is tough to get photos of the setup.

The prep work for Pirate's Passage includes tons of barrels and these yet to be placed skeletons which are hanging out all over.

Terror Square's entrance has been moved to where it's exit was last year, probably to help with crowd control.

Here's one of the barrels that are out in Terror Square's area... let's start a rumor that the park will be adding a water ride next year who's station will be in the A. Smith Bowman Distillery! Sounds good, right!

Death Trap is still behind walls, but looking through a fence you can see all the makings of one messed up Haunt: an IV bag holder, an end table, a box with the word "carp" on it, and plenty of chain link fence.

This is what I assume will be the new entrance to Headstone Hollow, located directly across from the Monster.

Since Road Rally is still operating the attraction's props are all ready to go and being stored on this walkway.

© 2009 Ryan Wirth

I don't know about you, but I'm totally stoked to spend a night at Camp Cudie. It sounds so fun!

Looks like a bunch of folks already beat me to the punch on the camping idea. Oh well. The fact that most of this one takes place in those woods is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Side note: Anyone else think it's odd that the former Little Laser, then Contest Coaster, never did get any new signage all season long?

The Asylum received it's sign and now it's all ready to go! Looks like a classy place, no?

Boo Hill, and then at night Kill Hill are also back this season, no apparent changes to the facade of this one.

Finally, the Good Time Theatre is going to be the Ghoul Time Theatre and feature the show Fangs during the Haunt. I'm excited to see Live E really tear it up with all the fancy new equipment they have in there.

The park also recently added to the Haunt's website that Center Stage will present Inferno this year, a combination of fire artists and pulsating music. I'm in.

The 2009 Haunt at Dorney Park premiers on Friday, September 25th at 6 p.m.