Sunday, September 20, 2009

An SLC at La Ronde? Oui!

In a rather puzzling move, La Ronde has confirmed that the track and supports from the former Serial Thriller Vekoma SLC coaster from the now closed Six Flags AstroWorld have been moved to the park.

And it looks like Cedar Fair painted them. The track is now bright yellow, and the supports bright red. (very close to Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure) La Ronde isn't quite talking about their new used ride yet, but photos taken at the park of the track sitting out in plain sight pretty much took care of the confirmation part.

The puzzling part of all of this is that La Ronde already has an inverted coaster, the B&M designed Batman the Ride clone named Vampire - added in 2002. Adding a similar (and lesser) ride experience to the park in the form of an SLC is just confusing.

The coaster itself has spent about 5 years sitting at The Great Escape in New York, only to have recently been spruced up and moved even further North.

You can see the photos of the track for yourself at the Thrillzone Forums. I have to ask, what do you guys think?


xzerojab said...

I dont think la ronde is actually going to build this ride... Im betting its being kept for storage and being built at great escape... the park of reject rides... the only way they could build an SLC at La Ronde would be to transport vampire to a different park