Monday, September 21, 2009

One Final DP Haunt Update

The event starts this Friday night (I hope to attend!) and Ryan was kind enough to send me some new photos to use of the preparations going on at Dorney Park. Thanks Ryan!

© 2009 Ryan Wirth

The arcade has been closed while it transforms into Psycho Circus 3-D. I'm not sure if the maze changed that much, or if it's just really the name. It was pretty great last year (plug for my video of it), so I'm sure they're only going to improve on it!

© 2009 Ryan Wirth

The entire main midway area of the park did have a Carnival type feel to it last year, and from the looks of this picture that is being expanded upon for 2009. Jack has been moved here, and the decorations are stepped up a notch. Perhaps a sort of unofficial scare zone?

© 2009 Ryan Wirth

Here's a shot of the more completed entrance to the all new Headstone Hollow. Looks very nice! If you remember this outside scare zone stretched from Thunderhawk to Steel Force last year, this year it starts across from the Monster and runs the course of the Road Rally cars!

© 2009 Ryan Wirth

Finally, here's the entrance (I think, seems too elaborate for an exit) to the Gauntlet. This is part of where Headstone Hollow ran last year, lots of midevil theming to be found in here.

Thanks again to Ryan and hope you all get to enjoy The Haunt!


Unknown said...

The same kinda gate is on the other side. Gauntlet has no entrance or exit you come and go as you please.