Thursday, September 24, 2009

La Ronde Makes It Official

La Ronde has officially announced that it will be adding a Vekoma SLC roller coaster to the park for it's 2010 season. The ride, which formerly operated at Six Flags AstroWorld in Texas, has been stored at The Great Escape for several years.

An official name has not been announced, but they did release the above image that shows the ride's placement. The park will clear out an area just inside it's main entrance gates, which the ride will now tower over. A good portion of the ride will then take place over the park's lake.

Here's a good view of the area that will change. The tea cup ride and the buildings to the left of it look like they will be removed to fit the coaster.

La Ronde has added a new page to their website for the ride, available here.


Steve said...

That looks to be the same design as T2 at Kentucky Kingdom. T2 is rougher than heck.

J. said...

If any doubted Mark Shapiro's sanity after Goliath at SFFT this proves he is an idiot. A B&M inverted and an inferior Vekoma SLC in the same park. Really?