Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kiddieland's Final Weekend

This weekend marks the final operating days for Chicago's Kiddieland amusement park. After 80 years, the park will close it's doors to the general public forever on Sunday the 27th.

Sadly, the closure of the park comes from a dispute between the owner of the land it sits on and the group that actually operated the park. The land owner chose not to extend the lease any longer, forcing the park to close.

One of the park's highlights, among many, was the Herbert Schmeck designed Little Dipper wooden roller coaster. Talk has already started of a new developer who may purchased many of Kiddieland's rides, but nothing is official yet. These aren't the greatest times for starting a new park, after all.

We need some good news to tip the scales back... lots of sad items to report on lately!


Anonymous said...

This post got me thinking and I dug around for some pictures of the old Santa's Village abandoned...