Sunday, June 1, 2008

Universal Hollywood Fire

A fire broke out on the backlot sets at Universal Studios Hollywood very early on Sunday morning.

The fire spread quickly and consumed a large portion of the backlot area at the studio property/theme park. According to reports, several important structures were a total loss:

• The King Kong segment of the Tram Tour, where a giant Kong attacked the trams. With Orlando's removed for The Mummy and Hollywood's lost this morning, the Kong rides and banana breath are now just a memory.
• The famous Courtyard set from the Back to the future movies.
• A film and TV vault the studios kept, but it's said that all of what was stored in it has duplicates elsewhere.
• The entire New York backlot streets that were used for tons of filming over the years.
• At least one total Soundstage, and several sets that were recently used for movies.

The same area of the studios backlot had a major fire back in 1990 which destroyed the New York sets, but at first appearance this fire seems to have done more damage than the previous one.

These stills are from CNN's video, and NewsDay has an article with a photo gallery of the fire and the remains after it was put out.


dwitos079 said...

I suspect insurance fraud because I am not so sure the public would accept more destruction done by the Universal Theme Parks.