Sunday, June 29, 2008

Party's Over!

Disney has announced that Pleasure Island will cease to exist in its current form near the end of September.

The news means that the 6 remaining night clubs on the island will be closed and either modified into something else or removed over the next couple years. Basically the middle island of Downtown Disney that was Pleasure Island will be shops, dining, and other entertainment like the rest of .

Who didn't see this coming, really? I never knew anyone who wanted to go to Disney World to go to themed night clubs. I can't help but think of the episode of Step By Step (90s family comedy tv show) where the family was in Disney World and the girls tried to win some Country Music contest at one of the clubs. Yeah, I wanted too much TV in the 90s.

I did see the comedy show they have there once, and it was indeed funny. And when I was a kid it confused me why Pleasure Island had new years' celebrations every night.

Anyway, please see Orlando Attractions Magazine's blog for tons of detailed info on the news, video interviews, and already concept art for Pleasure Island replacements.


Chris said...

WOW, end of an era. House of Blues still is a nightclub at night, so there will still be one offering after these changes (service industry Sunday nights over there are well known in the Orlando area).

It's really disappointing that they are shuttering the clubs. Granted there are MUCH better attended clubs downtown Orlando (which might be able to absorb the early 20's disney resort guest looking for something to do on a weekend)- but I see Universal really winning on this one. Why? Because over the years, Disney has been concentrating on the tween demographic (see the evolution of Tomorrowland as proof). Disney is removing the magnet for several annual events: college spring break, New Year's Eve, and lets face it, any on site guest awake after midnight.

Also, this is alarming given the trend Disney has recently been on with downplaying the local market (I don't understand it either- given gas prices!). Kissimmee/Celebration residents are losing the local bar/club scene. When you couple this with other thigns such as the elimination of the dining program, Disney's really counting on the tourist market--- and given the economy, one must question why.

Also, the markup on alcohol is enormous. Surely Disney will still have Epcot, but they are REALLY going to see a decrease in revenue from the register at the new custom hat shop versus what it brought in when it was placed on the bottom of the (personal favorite) Mannie's dance club.

I don't see this as an intelligent move long term. The only way this makes sense is if the new downtown disney on Western Way fills this gap with clubs/bars.