Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Geauga Auction News

I know there has been a lot of Geauga posts today and yesterday, but it's not every day that a former major amusement park's remains are auctioned off...

Anyway - the Geauga Lake Today forums are the place to go to find out what went down today. Lots of good info on there, like:

• Villain, Double Loop, and Matterhorn were sold for scrap.
• The Skyscraper (sky tower) was also sold for scrap
• Three water slides went to Schlitterbahn for their new Kansas City property, along with the park's SkyCoaster
• The Cornhole game sign went for a surprising amount!
• The 3rd party who bought the Big Dipper for that mystery person also purchased Wolf Bobs.
• Several other flats like the Bounty, Starfish, and Time Warp were sold, not known yet to who.

Another big piece of information that WKYC is reporting is that the person who purchased the Big Dipper plans to use it as a "nostalgia piece" with no plans of operating it again. Is someone putting it in their back yard?! Odd...

Finally, the Norton auctioneer said in front of the crowd that ACE was offered the Dipper for free and Carole Sanderson, a former ACE president yelled back that that information was false, to which the Norton guy asked for her to be removed from the auction (she wasn't removed).

Hello, drama! The WKYC article has more on that verbal exchange.

Does anyone care to *not* get mud on their face during all of this!??

Here's a video of The Big Dipper to watch while you ponder all this info...