Saturday, June 14, 2008

Geauga Auction Anticipation

This coming Tuesday marks the start of the Geauga Lake Amusement Park auction by Norton Auctioneers. This article revels something rather interesting: Cedar Fair offered the Big Dipper classic wooden coaster to ACE for free - with ACE only having to pay for taking down the ride and moving it.

According to the article, ACE did not accept this offer. I'd love to know the specific details of that offer to ACE, though, as to me this reads like Cedar Fair 'offered' Big Dipper for free with conditions (like remove it by month end, or something) knowing ACE doesn't have the resources to do it, only to turn around and make their offer public to cover their butts when the ride doesn't sell and is torn down.

Others have speculated that ACE wanted to purchase the land around the Big Dipper for mixed use development, including their ever so long awaited Roller Coaster Museum, but Cedar Fair nixed the idea. Neither party has ever said anything official, though.

What a tangled web these two organized have weaved! Seems silly but then again, it's business!


Chris said...

That ACE sidedeal sounds fishy. Maybe some enthusiasts attending the ACE event at SFOG/Wild Adventures the next few days can chime in on this.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I agree on the fishy part - it seems plenty of ACE people know exactly what went down but mum's the word... but I'm reporting on rumors so who knows what the truth is!