Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dorney Park 6.8.08 Update

Well hello. Decided to take my camera on my visit to Dorney Park today to do a little update. Here's what I came up with.

Dorney Park is doing the Joe Cool's BBQ like many of the other Cedar Fair parks. It's all you can eat cook-out style food. The sign says you can buy tickets online but I don't see them on DP's site, or you can get tickets at the Icee Mix It Up stand.

I took a spin on Voodoo, and had to wait while a seat was cleaned so what else to do but take some nerdy shots.

One thing that's different is that after the ride hits the brakes at the end it's moved backward into the station and it now keeps going and actually moves up the holding brake tower a bit - then comes down and stops in the station.

And that last photo is for Cedar Fair color choice sake, most CF rides have red on them and Voodoo was missing that - then I noticed that the lights in the station are painted red! Super nerdy!

I haven't been on Laser yet this year and really want to cause of it, ya know, being for sale. Today again wasn't my day though, it was closed and they were welding! Yikes.

They added some fish food dispensers on the bridge over to Revolution/Steel Force, and so I felt the need to take a picture of the fish in the stream.

Still one of the nicest walkways in the park, and surprisingly empty when I was able to grab this shot.

Hi, those prices are insane!

Took this one just because I liked how it looked. I love this old fountain. Love it even more when there's a toilet with a skeleton on it during the Haunt.

Work on the building for Club Blood is moving along, this was taken from behind White Water Landing because you could see into the construction area. Looks like the site for the building is cleared and leveled out.

While I was back there I took this shot of Hydra starting down it's first drop.

It was like 85 degrees at 10 a.m. today, so the water rides were super popular. There were a lot of empty rafts cycling on Thunder Canyon though, not sure why.

And there is a new Quarter Back Challenge game that I didn't notice till now in the main midway games area. I messed up this shot and the game is actually to the left of the one shown here. I'm assuming this is the same type of game that I've seen photos of at the other Cedar Fair parks as well.

Nothing too exciting, but an update nonetheless.