Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Silver Dollar City 2009?

Silver Doller City recently sent out a survey about a possible new ride for the theme park. The above concept art comes from that survey.

Basically, it's just like Dollywood's new River Battle ride this year, only themed to Tom & Huck's Adventures... in fact that's the rumored name - Tom & Huck's Adventures. It's a Splash Battle style ride, where there are tons of water elements that boats encounter while on the 'river,' and riders have water guns to shoot at watchers and vice versa.

Nothing is confirmed just yet - but this thread at Silver Dollar City Fans mentions that a wall is up where the ride would go with teasers painted on it.

I'm a fan of these rides so I say good choice, Silver Dollar City! Plus Dollywood's theming on their River Battle was cute - so I can only guess that this ride would have nice theming as well.