Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kings Island's 4th of July Event

Kings Island in Ohio is really pulling out all the stops for this year's 4th of July celebration at the park.

The park is following up their recent Robbie Knievel jump with a tightrope walk performed by Rick Wallenda, the grandson of the late Karl Wallenda, who in 1974 completed a tightrope walk at Kings Island that set a world record.

Rick will do two separate walks at the park, the second of which, if completed, will measure some 2,000 feet in length. All of this will transpire over the amusement park.

Kings Island will also again have the retro characters and the Hanna Barbara gang out to greet guests, along with an air show, skydivers, and grand 4th of July fireworks display - the largest in the park's history.

The park is really stepping up their game with special events this year!