Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fahrenheit POV

© smj0724 2008

Here's a POV video of Fahrenheit at Hershey Park. I must find time to go ride this ... it's right down the highway!


Chris said...

I have mixed feelings about thsi ride. While I'm all for a new coaster to ride, this really doesn't seem differentiated enough from Storm Runner to appeal to the non-coaster enthusiast. It's quite a change from the Hershey of years past that was more "smart growth" oriented- each coaster was distinct enough from one another. Also, this ride is neither standalone themed or themed to blend into its surroundings (like Wildcat and Lightning Racer). At least Storm Runner tries to fit the western theme. I like how it interacts with other rides, but I hope this isn't a sign of a general deemphasis of theming and family rides.