Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Dipper Sold... Maybe?

Today was the auction of the remaining amusement rides at Geauga Lake, and it looks like the Big Dipper was sold for $5,000 to a company local to the park who for now remains a mystery.

This article says that a 3rd party attended the auction to place the bid on behalf of this company, and that since Cedar Fair has to approve the buyer they wanted to remain nameless for now. Apparently Cedar Fair has until 5 p.m. today to approve or deny the purchase.

Regarding why the Big Dipper's sale has to be approved, Cedar Fair talkinghead Robin Innes said, ""It's a very special ride. We want to make sure it has a proper home."

Umm, excuse me, bue we're not that stupid. They'd have done better to keep their yappers shut than to try to shove b.s. like that down our throats.

Hopefully more info and who the actual buyer is will surface later today.