Friday, June 27, 2008

Kings Island Plays Hard Ball

Kings Island is currently located as part of the City of Mason in Ohio. Mason is now considering starting a 1-3% admissions tax on local attractions, with Kings Island being by far the largest of these.

The park has stated that if Mason decides to try to impose the tax, they will do everything they can to legally de-annex from Mason, and go to being part of Deerfield Township.

Now whether or not the park could easily do that, I have no idea. But this isn't' the first time a park as been 'attacked' through taxes by their local municipality. It's stupid - doesn't the park already bring in enough tax revenue as is? I don't think that these places should be hit with more taxes when they already contribute a lot.

An initiative like this has failed at multiple other parks in the country in the past few years, so hopefully this one will, too.