Monday, June 9, 2008

Daily Spin 6.9.08

Kings Island Central has some new aerial photos of the 2009 coaster construction. In these you can really see what they're clearing out back in the woods. At a quick glance, the area that has been cleared fits perfectly with that layout that First Drop published.

Coaster Force has published some interesting interviews with a few of the top executives from Hard Rock Park. These guys are pretty frank, not something you find in this industry too often, so they're a pretty great read.

Toy Story Midway Mania is having it's cast member's preview, and MouseTimes has photos. The level of detail on the outside facade of Midway Mania is really amazing. The Orlando version lacks this, but has it's own unique themed indoor queue.

I'm not a big fan of reporting ride accidents (other sites cover those) but this is news, there was another cable break on an Intamin freefall, this time on Hurakan Condor at Port Aventura, Spain. The cable was removed before the ride car was lowered, so thankfully no injuries like Kentucky Kingdom's accident. RideAccidents has photos.

New photos of Aftershock at Silverwood Theme Park can be seen in this thread on RCPro. They've started construction the towers, and from additional posts in the thread one side is almost completed.

Zoombezi Bay opened on Memorial Day as we know, but the park was quite a success on that opening day. This article says that attendance was over 4,000, which is really pretty good for a water park only.