Monday, January 11, 2016

Valravn's Epic First Dive Installed at Cedar Point

© Cedar Point
Watching Valravn's initial lift hill rise was an exciting phase of the coaster's construction, seeing how the 223 foot lift hill forever changed the landscape of the park.  This past weekend the work crews finished building the 214 foot vertical drop from the ground up, and ended with the holding brake track that will momentarily keep the trains still before they drop.  With the lift and drop now completed, the park was rightfully eager to show off the finished product, seen above.

© Tony Clark via Twitter
We've seen large B&M dive coasters before, so we knew what to expect from Valravn - but it is still a bit awe inspiring to see photos like this!  The vertical drop on a ride of this size is so impressive from a wide angle, you can almost imagine the 24 passenger trains flying down the drop and into the rest of Valravn's elements.

Cedar Point has updated their construction gallery for Valravn to show the moments the holding brake track was installed, available via this link.

The park also posted a new Valravn Minute, embedded below, with some equally impressive footage.