Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dollywood Shares Wintry Aerial Photos of Lightning Rod

Seems fitting that as I take a break from trying to clean up around 30 inches of snow that we take a look at some beautiful aerial images of Dollywood's Lightning Rod set against the just fallen white stuff.

© Dollywood
I love that Dollywood is sharing some aerial photos, because it really helps you understand the size of Lightning Rod, and also just how it uses the park's hills and valleys to the fullest.  A considerable amount of the ride's structure is complete and track is done through the epic looking wave turn you can see above on the right.  

© Dollywood
This 'top down' version lets us see that even more track has been placed on the mid-section of Lightning Run as well.  After the wave turn the trains will encounter a section that banks heavily to the left, only to the dive downward into a 180 degree turn to the right.  Then there's another hill with extreme banking, a floater hill and then the ride will race back up the hillside.  We still get to see photos of the yet to be completed quadruple-down element that has us all drooling.  What a beauty!